Kipling, Disney Frozen 2


The Frozen 2, Disney collection by Kipling launched in Holiday 2019, translating the story of the new film into capsules inspired by the main characters.


I approached the design of this collaboration from a more sophisticated perspective. The characters are older, coming into their own, and discovering their true selves. The collection was designed around textured materials and layered graphics, incorporating elevated techniques that capture the Nordic influence of the movie and the individuality of each character.


- Elsa's Capsule -

Combining Elsa's signature blue with darker colors in elevated textures of velvet and satin.

Incorporating silver embroidery and metallic printing symbolizing snow and ice.

- Anna's Capsule -

Embracing Anna's casual style through a mix of sherpa, corduroy, and Kipling's signature crinkle nylon with a placed floral print and embroidery exemplifying upon her kind-hearted nature.


- Olaf's Capsule -

Capturing the joy of Olaf's lovable character, this capsule features fuzzy flocking and sherpa textures juxtaposed with smooth nylon. Quilting, embroidered elements, and colorful jacquard webbing add playful texture throughout.


- Design Development -